Mike & Alaine Alejandrino

There is always something unexplainably beautiful about the classic approach to weddings this time with a modern take of the black and white theme… A few things made this wedding stand out for me let’s see… a gorgeous gown too pretty for words, the entourage’s alluring black dresses, Callospa’s English garden vibe to the reception and the various playful revisions of the wedding program reflective of the couple’s positive spirit.

Merry Me Events - Mike & Alaine Alejandrino

Merry Me Events - Mike & Alaine Alejandrino

Meet Alaine and Mike brave souls who did their wedding just the way they want it. I admire their tenacity in sticking to their guns when it came to making the decision to have the ceremony outside, sans the tent and in spite of numerous warnings from various suppliers about a possible rain. A day before the wedding the weather was slightly frightful but on 12/12/12 the heavens gave us a glorious piece of sunshine enough to send me to a wedding dreamy daze!

Merry Me Events - Mike & Alaine Alejandrino

Merry Me Events - Mike & Alaine Alejandrino

Callospa set the stage for their ceremony and reception. Arranged to form two aisles, the area was packed with loved ones and friends. Upon cue Mike, Alaine and the entire wedding party processed along their dedicated path down the stairs and proceeded to the gazebo where the ceremony began. The gazebo adorned with flowers has just the right amount of solemnity and elegance as the couple recited their vows. Wonderful floral arrangements in tin vases adorned the table along with delectable doughnuts and sweet treats from the bride. The cocktail hour and reception were a frenzy of old and new friends talking and catching up, accompanied by the frequent impromptu toasts for the happy couple! Guests were serenaded by acoustic and instrumental tunes from the couple’s favorite artists and we were certainly honored to hear Carole’s (Mig’s sister) lovely voice as she sang sweet tunes for the couple.

Merry Me Events - Mike & Alaine Alejandrino

One of our favorite parts of the program was the lightning of the lanterns by the pool it created a fun atmosphere for the guests and definitely a memorable affair for the couple.

Merry Me Events - Mike & Alaine Alejandrino

The photo booth was such a smashing hit that guests were lining up just to have their pictures taken. The night ended with love and lots of laughter from family and friends. Mike and Alaine is such an awesome couple and we wish them nothing but joy for the rest of their lives!

Merry Me Events - Mike & Alaine Alejandrino

A special thanks to all of the amazing vendors that made the day such a joy for our lovely couple! We can’t wait to work with all of you again!

Planning/Coordination: Merry Me
Ceremony and Reception: Callospa Resort Antipolo
Photography: 4dotJuan
Florist: Ariel Subang
Mobile and Projector: Mr. Alex Framil
Wedding Gown: Erika Francis Obmerga
Hair and Makeup: Diana Santos
Photobooth: Redglass Digital

Photo Credits: 4dotJuan


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