7 New Wedding Rules


Something blue, something old, something new and something borrowed… while traditions would always prevail in a wedding gone are the days of the cookie cutter wedding. Nowadays we are seeing brides and grooms celebrating their own way and we love how unique each event turns out!

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - 7 New Wedding Rules
RULE 01: A White Gown is A Must!

New Rule: You don’t have to wear white. While the timeless white gown can never go out of style we are seeing more brides walking down the aisle in different hues. Gold, pinks and even red!

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - 7 New Wedding Rules

As long as you feel fabulous in your outfit, it can be any colour or style. Warning: It may shock older guests as wearing white is associated “purity.” You can opt for a white gown that has a hint of colour a black sash in your gown or a red belt. Traditional but with a twist!

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - 7 New Wedding Rules

RULE 02: Invite dad’s business associate, mom’s best friend and her family etc. that you end up not recognizing many of the faces at your fete.

New Rule: Make the day about the people who matter to you or the true VIP’s in your life. Couples want to celebrate with people they care about, those who will still be in their lives for years to come. Don’t feel obligated to invite all of your folk’s special friends as this is your big day!


RULE 03: The first time you see your groom on your wedding day should be at your ceremony.

New Rule: First look! There’s no doubt that one of the most emotional wedding day moments is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. While some traditional couples prefer to save the big reveal for the moment the bride comes walking down the aisle, others decide to do a “First Look” — taking a private moment to see each other before the ceremony.


As a wedding coordinator I personally recommend the First Look. A lot will happen on your wedding day; you mingle and greet guests, talk to friends whom you haven’t seen for a long time, dance, cut the cake, etc.

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - 7 New Wedding Rules

By having a first look, you get to have more photo opportunities with your husband instead of the 30-40 minutes after the ceremony and during the cocktail hour while guests are waiting.


Merry Me - Weddings and Events - Ian & Vie’s Wedding

You get to have your pictures taken at that gorgeous hotel where you are doing your preps, more time for you to mingle at cocktail hour, to eat and not keep guests hungry and waiting. Plus a private time with your hubby before all the flurry begins is priceless.

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - Ian & Vie’s Wedding
RULE 04: The bride’s parents pay for the bill

New Rule: Anyone can pay for the bill There are a lot of ways now for couple’s to fund their festivities. More and more couples foot the bill themselves and just accept favors from family. Others sit down with their families and ask who can pay for what. And sometimes families give whatever they can for the newlyweds.

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - 7 New Wedding Rules

In the Philippines sometimes your principal sponsors or ninong and ninangs offer to pay a part of the bill or sponsor a particular item in the wedding for example a ninong would offer to pay for the photographer while a ninang can offer to pay the wedding gown. Just remember: whoever pays gets a say.

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - 7 New Wedding Rules

RULE 05: Your registry should consist entirely of housewares for your new home.

New Rule: You can register for anything you want! Lots of invitations now ask for money favors instead of gifts. Some couples may have lived together before tying the knot so they may have everything already. Some are working overseas and just went home to be with family and friends on their big day and so they can’t really bring those housewares. A new and exciting trend is emerging: the honeymoon fund where guests can deposit money to the couple’s account to add to their honeymoon budget. Whatever the case maybe these are your gifts and you should feel happy about it!

Merry Me - Weddings and Events

RULE 06: Assigned seats

New Rule: Get guests to mingle While a carefully thought of seating chart is always considerate open seating is making a comeback where guests choose where and with whom to sit. It’s a great way for guests to meet and get to know others plus it eliminates time and effort fussing over a seating chart. Just make sure to put a reserved sign or perhaps an escort card or place card at the VIP tables to seat the bridal party, your parents and your principal sponsors.

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - 7 New Wedding Rules
RULE 07: Settling for old wedding standbys like big vases, white tablecloths, floral centerpieces.

New Rule: Dazzling guests with unique centerpieces and surprising details Designing your venue means simply choosing a color scheme for centerpieces, selecting your centerpiece which is usually a big vase filled with flowers and picking among the white or pink linens the caterer had on hand. While this is still practiced today we are looking at more couples opting to go more sophisticated when it comes to styling their venue using more lights to create drama, selecting unique color palettes (e.g. blue and yellow) choosing different centerpieces to go with their chosen theme- fruits, candles or lanterns.

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - 7 New Wedding Rules

Minimalist styles are dominating reception tables fostering more interaction among guests as tables are no longer cluttered with big vases. Less really is more when you combine two elements plus the savings that you can get for example your ceremony flowers can reappear at your reception and that gorgeous cupcake tower can double up as wedding favors too!

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - 7 New Wedding Rules

Traditions would always be there passed down from one generation to another but it’s always nice to create an event that’s uniquely yours. Only one wedding tradition that should never be broken: ENJOY!!!


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Bokehbug | Wedding & Lifestyle Photography
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