About Us

A Certified Member of Weddings Beautiful Worldwide and partner of The SM Store Gift RegistryMerry Me is a professional event coordination service; based in Manila, Philippines, which specializes in weddings and is owned and managed by partners Shai Juanitas and Yuna Uy.

A two woman team with bags of experience, passion and a lust for all that is unique and beautiful. Merry Me is committed to creating an event that you can be a guest at- where you enjoy every moment, while we take care of all those little details that make a most perfect day. Our partnership is built on respect, trust, passion and an enthusiasm for the events we create. We work hard, laugh often, travel and collaborate with amazing vendors. We invest all our energies to create an event that is memorable and reflects the personalities, style, and uniqueness of each and every individual, couple or company we work with.

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - The Team


We love planning weddings and events but our biggest accomplishment has been the friendships that we have formed with our clients and the gratitude that we have received from a job well done. Seeing our client’s joy and happiness on that day keeps us striving for excellence and surpassing client expectations. We set your event apart from all others not just because of our passion for design and planning, but mostly because we care about you, your family, your business and the memories that you will take away after your celebration.

Merry Me - Weddings and Events - The Team


Shiela or Shai as friends fondly call her is a nurse by profession has spent her years helping her closest friends and family get down the aisle in one piece. As a child she loves planning parties and events and born out of passion for the joy, elegance and beauty of a wedding or a special event Shai decided to leave the world of nursing to pursue her passion full time. Years of working as a professional nurse lets her handle stressful situations and complex situations. Her sense of calm, organizational skills and ability to think quickly on her feet make her a huge asset to Merry Me.

She has a steely resolve demanding a fastidious level of service from suppliers she works with and members of her team. She has a natural inclination to establish amazing relationships with people and considers it a privilege to work closely with couples and their families on planning their special event.


Yuna, a true Merry Me gem is Shai Surban’s cousin and also a nurse by profession. Growing up both she and Shai helped numerous brides, family members and various clients plan their special event. Cheerful, friendly, always with a ready smile on her face and a kind compliment to everyone Yuna’s clients immediately recognize her passion for planning and committing to their events. Her “can do” attitude, meticulous preparation and collaborative approach is truly infectious. Yuna handles the wedding day reception details and is dedicated to make the bride and groom guests at their own wedding. She also loves taking charge of DIY projects especially one that involves glitter, ribbon, clay and bows. She also does hosting for some of Merry Me’s events.


Merry Me’s bridal manager. Kind and resourceful with a strong focus on client service providing personalized attention throughout the whole event process. Brides describe her as pleasant and possesses creative problem solving skills. Those little emergencies that you never expect to happen Mayflor can definitely handle it and she never ceases to amaze with her out of the box ideas. Her calm and thoughtful approach eases you into the planning experience and you can trust her to ensure that nothing will go unnoticed when she’s on the job.


A web and graphics designer who does part time work as an events coordinator for Merry Me. He created Merry Me’s website, blog and Facebook page and print collaterals. He mostly does paperwork, seating arrangement and corresponds to both clients and vendors. Mark has built an excellent reputation with his creative ideas, eye for design and a keen eye for detail.  He is very dependable and when he says something will be done it is as good as done.


The newest addition to the Merry Me family… Jay is a delight to work with approachable and accommodating he has great listening skills that immediately makes you want to warm up to him and tell him everything! He is not only a coordinator he is a friend and a confidante. He loves the fast paced environment of the event industry and enjoys researching and expanding his knowledge. Calm, collected and in charge of any situation thrown his way. His love of helping people, making them smile and his willingness to take on any challenge make him an asset to the Merry Me team.


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